How Can An Agent or Agency Cooperate with Us?

Panda has been in business since 2008, with foreign and Chinese management staff, who handle issues that either a foreign teacher or school might have between each other. Because of our well known reputation in the education industry, Panda has very little problem with attracting foreign teachers to our company.

Panda and Agents can work together, where the Agent gets their fee and the schools get their teacher or teachers through Panda, which makes everyone happy.

Panda hires foreign teachers to work in a variety of schools around Shanghai and are able to get the proper Category B permit and visa for the teachers. That includes doing the visa under the school’s own education license, if necessary. Most schools find these visa processes very difficult to follow because of the complicated requirements. We have a very experienced HR department that can handle these problems extremely well.

Panda has a set contract with the teachers, and also one with the schools, to solve administration and labour issues before they happen. Our team of managers and staff also monitor the teachers in the school, through surprise or scheduled visits, to give the schools our best quality. If a teacher isn’t up to the schools’ standard, Panda has trainers that will train the teacher or teachers further, either privately in our training office, or in the classroom. Should the foreign teacher still not reach the proper working standards of the school, we have the ability to remove the teacher and replace them with another on staff.

Panda also has a temporary teacher system, should a teacher become ill and is required to take a day or two off work. We also have a list of teachers willing to replace a teacher in a short period of time so that the students’ education is only slightly inconvenienced.

To further discuss details regarding how we can work together and how our system works, click the button below to visit our contact section of the website to speak with Beatrice, our customer service manager/owner, or call 21-5875-7550