Agents wanting to only supply teacher Directly

We are willing to do business, or at least give the chance to do business, with agents who only want to supply teachers without working in the cooperation format.

Keep in mind, Panda has been operating for 12 years and the owner has been in this business for 20 years. We are already supplied by some agents and we know the market well.

Panda does a lot of business with agents to supply foreign teachers, however the standard for applicants are much higher; mainly, anything higher than some of the best. We have a HR department that can find foreign teachers on their own through our reputation, adverting online and WeChat. We also get a lot of foreign teachers applying that are of the highest standard. Therefore, we aren’t willing to pay an agent to provide something that we get daily.

The requirements are:

The teacher must come from a Native English speaking country (Canada, America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa). The foreigner must be between the age of 22-45 years old with a university degree. They must be white, even though we already employ black and brown native and non-native English speakers.

Panda pays agents between 3000-7000 yuan per teacher, depending on the teacher’s experience. There is scope to negotiate, bearing in mind we would also be discussing the agent’s license and fapiao.

Panda doesn’t pay the agent fees until the foreign teacher has signed the contract, qualified and obtained their Category B permit and visa. For this, they must be in the country willing and able to work.

Agents can’t make promises to teachers outside of our contract or what is listed in salaries on our website.

Agents aren’t allowed to charge the foreign teacher a fee for finding them a job, which they could have done on their own without an agent. Panda also feels this is a dishonest business practice since schools already pay for the teacher.

If you wish to do business with Panda, contact Iain (the head of the Foreign Department and foreign director)