Agents or Agencies with Foreign Teachers

Panda English Education has dealt with Agents in the past for applicants who are legally allowed to work in China. Panda does not hire illegal workers and they must qualify for the Category B work permit and visa to legally work in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen. Panda and the other two companies Panda deals with in Beijing and Shenzhen will only accept native English speaking teachers from employment agents.

Our procedure is simple, starting with the agent form. If accepted, our foreign director will contact you regarding additional information, or to setup an appointment with you and/or your teacher. Once the foreign director has interviewed the teacher and makes the decision to employ the foreigner, all original documents will be required from the applicant.

Before the Agent receives any payment from Panda, we must have the following:

  1. Original passport (which is copied and given back to the foreign teacher)
  2. The applicant’s visa in the passport.
  3. Curriculum vitae (resume)
  4. Original University Degree (Notarized and Authorized)
  5. Original Criminal Background documentation (Notarized and Authorized)
  6. Original TESOL Certificate if required (Notarized and Authorized)
  7. Receive any release documentation from the last employer, if the teacher worked in China previously
  8. Must sign a contract and all other government documentation for legal employment

Once Panda has been able to obtain the Category B permit and visa for the teacher, the Agent will be paid immediately.