Do’s and Don’ts of Quitting your Job

The 10 Dos and Don'ts of Quitting Your Teaching job in China Posting Provided By David at China By Teaching.comQuitting your teaching job early in China isn’t as torturously difficult as you might imagine. In fact, the biggest issue is going to be keeping your (possible) frustrations in check if the reason, or reasons, are anything other than an immediate emergency back home.Why would anyone want to quit their teaching contract early, after all they’ve done to secure a great…


COVID-19 Don’t Point Fingers

What is Social Distancing during a Pandemic? This is going to be a harsh but truthful blog which doesn’t appear on  mainstream, because over the last few weeks, I am convinced that most people, including doctors, experts, government officials, and politicians are idiots. They all have a secret agenda and won’t admit their faults or problems with COVID-19, but they love pointing fingers at everyone for their problems.During a pandemic, social distancing means staying in your home. This idea that…


North America, Heed my Warnings!

North America, Heed My Warning This is to North Americans, especially Canadians who don’t think the COVID-19 virus is a serious thing to worry about. Two days ago, in Ontario, you had 100 people infected, yesterday 190 infected and today you are now up to 214. You are at the beginning of the upward curve and if you wait, you’re going to be in trouble. So far, Canada has 727 cases. Take this Virus very seriously!The moment you got your…


Why Should You Never Accept Free Accommodations !

Why You Should Never Accept School Accommodations When a foreigner decides to come to China, or might already be living in China, or wants to relocate, they sometimes look for a job that provides accommodations in their employment package. This is a foolish idea in most cases. Sure, if you are working for a company in your own country and they transfer you to China, accommodation might be a really good thing because everything is being arranged for you. The…


What are some of the Online Education Issues in China?

What are some of the Online Education Issues in China? Due to the Corona Virus in China, the government is now suggesting schools set up online education so that teachers can work from home and students won’t get too far behind in their studies. Unfortunately, most online education is set up for Chinese teachers, not foreigners who also teach in China. This all said, the idea has become a huge challenge for schools, teachers, owners of the schools and mostly…


How is COVID-19 Going to Affect the Education Market in China?

How is COVID-19 Going to Affect the Education Market in China? Having been here since 2001 and lived through the SARS virus, the education market for foreigners and schools in China will be affected a lot. Many foreigners who had left the country during the Chinese New Year Festival were either stuck in their home countries or stuck in a country where they were vacationing. We have already spoken to many of these foreigners and many aren’t returning back to…


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