Employment Agents, Schools and Centres- How We Can Cooperate Together

As most Schools and Agents have recently seen online, through WeChat groups or on the News, there is a huge shortage of foreign teachers throughout China. This is common, especially after a pandemic has completely closed every business in China and around the world. This pandemic is the worst I have seen in China even compared to SARS of 2003. The predictions for the foreign education industry appear that it will be a few years before the education market gets back to normal. We are hoping that you will be willing to work together with Panda so that we can survive the financial pain of the next couple of years.

Unfortunately, thousands of foreign teachers and workers in other industries were asked to return back to their home countries when the COVID-19 started. Countries sent out planes to take them home, and later, many went back to their countries on their own, fearing the pandemic and because they had no job. Now that the pandemic in China is very much over, foreigners are still leaving China because they have either suffered financially or they feel that the Chinese employment market is weak or fragile; we are still likely to lose thousands more. Some foreigners are planning to leave once the restrictions have been lifted, and a lot of foreigners who want to return to China for work, can’t enter because of restrictions at the border. 

Companies, Schools, Agents and Education centres who try to restart the market alone will have extreme problems trying to survive or succeed without cooperating with each other. Panda is suggesting, that we should cooperate, so that we can lead the education market forward quickly.

Over the past few years, teachers’ salaries have been increasing a lot, due to foreign teacher shortages and new government regulations, but we still need to get teachers and try keeping salaries from increasing to an amount were no one can afford a foreign teacher.

Panda is proposing two suggestions to Schools and Agents regarding cooperation of our businesses.

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