The Coronavirus is Coming Your Way

I have been living in China for 20 years and have been here for SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and now Corona Virus. I have a lot of experience and have seen a lot of things to prevent spread of these deceases. Just to let you know, I haven’t had any of the outbreaks health wise. Either I am lucky or smart, you decide.

Don’t under estimate the corona virus, it is deadly and if it isn’t treated, it can kill you. People worldwide aren’t taking this virus seriously enough. People out shopping and stocking up on food and they are still not wearing masks to cover their nose and mouth. Don’t these people watch television? Watch and learn from countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, etc. We all wear masks, we have no choice. Without a mask, you can’t even get into your own housing complex, or get into a shopping mall. Temperatures are taken everywhere you go and if you refuse, you aren’t allowed in.

Yes, being asked to stay home and quarantine yourself for 14 days is a huge inconvenience but it is better than death, or spreading the decease to your family and friends. You may think it is inconvenient for your children being home from school but children can carry the corona virus, the school employees about 100 adults, such as; teachers, management, principle staff, housekeeping, and the janitorial workers share the same environment. You have to think about everyone else and not just yourself. If there is an outbreak in the schools, these people take the corona virus home with them and infect everyone in their family and the people they meet along the way. China and most Asian countries’ schools have been closed for more than 2 months and China has been close almost 3 months. We have no income and we are generally trapped at home or too scared to go outside. Don’t be stupid, listen to the doctors and medical professionals, and then do more than they suggest to protect yourself and your family.

As I mentioned, in the previous blog, stay away from crowds. This idea of staying 6 feet or 2 metres away from each other of is a terrible idea. Even if you do, the corona virus can survive on objects, up to 9 days. Even if you aren’t anywhere near the people, if you touch anything that has been infected, you can get it. Think about all the things you touch in a day: bank machines, money, shopping cart handles, door knobs, handrails, elevator buttons, and even the food in grocery stores and restaurants. You must wash your hands frequently and then there still isn’t any guarantees that you won’t get sick. You can be sick and not even know it because the virus doesn’t show signs for the first 2-4 days. In that period of time, how many places, people and things have you come in contact with to spread the virus.

This does not to mean panic; it means to prepare for a long isolation period. It’s not going to be a 14 day period as the government or health services are predicting, that’s only wishful thinking. You are looking at a minimum 1 month or more of an isolation period until the infection numbers decrease. Send your money wisely on food and try hunting for face masks. I know the government is telling you that the N95 face mask is the best (and it is) but if you can’t find one, any mask is better than no mask at all. Use hand sanitary products, avoid contact with the elderly since they are the weakest and less healthy. You don’t want to infect them or anyone with health problems. Don’t shake hands, it’s better to knob or wave to greet each other’s presents than it is to touch them.

At the moment, other countries around the world’s infection rates are still on the steep climb, and you haven’t started to level out yet. The leveling out period depends on you and the precautions your country takes to fight off COVID-19. Many more will get sick and more will not make it but it is all up to you on how you handle it.

And for heaven sake, don’t listen to the government or people concerned about the stock market. They are only worried about economics and the country’s finance impact and may give you misleading advice about the virus. They will down play it so that the people don’t panic but really, they don’t want their stocks to go down on Wall Street. As of today, March 14th, there have been 144,890 Corona virus cases, 5,401 deaths and 70,252 recoveries, means a little less than half are recovered, close to 70 thousand still have the virus worldwide. Take this seriously and stay safe !!!!

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