How does Corona Virus (COVID-19) truly Effect Shanghai?


With most western media reporting about the corona virus in China, it really don’t affect the citizens much medically.

Most people around the world, including the western media, Shanghai has a population of 27 million plus people, almost the total population of Canada, but in Shanghai only have approximately 330+ cases of the virus and 2 deaths.  These numbers only represents approximately 0.0000123% of Shanghai’s population and the number of deaths represents0.0000000741% of the population. This means, more people died from any other illness than the corona virus caused. That said, it is still something the Chinese government took seriously and did everything they could to stop the spread to other parts of the country and to protect the citizens in shanghai.

But with that said, the virus has been affecting mostly people who are older (60 old+), people with preconditioned health problems and weak immune systems. Meaning, even a simple flu could cause the same death toll.

It seems the western media doesn’t know as much about China as they would like to think or simply don’t understand that

China has approximately “1.6-1.7 BILLION” people and that the number seen extremely high, they really aren’t considering the other countries like Canada, which only has between 29 to 32 million people or America, who has more than 300 million people can understand.

China is big and heavily populated and when an illness breaks out like Corona or SARS, it affects huge numbers.

My wife comes from a small village of 400,000 people and they call this a village. In Canada, 400,000 would be a major city. And, when I say small village, I mean I can walk from one side to the other in about 20 minutes.

The Chinese Government has done a great job controlling the spread of the virus. Most businesses all over China has been closed, schools, shopping malls and even the Hospital has closed Saturday and Sunday’s unless it’s an emergency.

In my opinion, I don’t think there is a government in the world that would have been able to do what China has done in a short period of time.

Building new hospitals in 10 days in WuNan that hold 20,000 people infected.

Completely shut down an entire country, stop all people traveling from the infected areas, supply enough face masks for almost 1,700,000,000 people and much more.

The down fall to this whole thing is, it is financially killing the economy and the education sectors of China and scaring away many of our well trained foreign teachers, a damage that China has felt before during SARS.

The government has suggested that the children to be taught online throughout the country, but this task has become a huge problem and strain on the internet There are more than 100,000 primary schools alone in school, not including middle and High schools, universities, colleges, kindergarten and nursery schools.

Hopefully, the schools in most parts of China will soon open and teachers will be able to go back to work.  At the moment, if the schools re-open in March, we still have time to fit a complete semester in the time we have left, if not, maybe the school semester can be extended a couple of weeks. A lot of schools are hurting financially without student and income and something has to be done quickly.

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