Foreigners from many industries have been enquiring about entering China. As far as Shanghai is concerned the rules are quite simple. Any foreigner needs to have a residence permit (visa) in their passport. These are marked with one of three reasons for residence: work, student or family/spouse. It is possible to enter China without one of these, if a Z visa has been issued by a company intending to employ the foreigner. This means all documents must have already been submitted to the Foreign Experts office (SAFEA), with notarisation and verification already completed, medicals completed in Chinese and an acceptance form from SAFEA stating the foreigner will be employed by a company upon completion of process, when a work permit will be issued and a residence permit put into the passport.

If the above is satisfied, foreigners can enter China with proof of vaccination (in Chinese) and a negative COVID test result within the last 48 hours. Quarantine is strictly enforced for 7 + 3 days on arrival, at the foreigner’s expense. Regular testing is required throughout China every 72 hours maximum, in order to be able to travel within a city, or enter any malls, shops, commercial buildings, or even some housing compounds. Schools require testing every 24 hours, with classes or schools shut down again, depending on the level of results. Secondary contacts fall under this ruling.

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