Teachers working in the schools

We wanted to share photos of our great men and women who teach for Panda.

Panda's 10th Anniversary Christmas Party 2018

On Panda’s 10th anniversary in business, we decided to have a huge Christmas party that the teachers wouldn’t forget. The restaurant was wonderful, with all you could eat and drink. Draws were held, giving away Christmas gifts for the teachers, staff and guests, which made the event extremely delightful.

Events and charities Panda gets involved in around Shanghai

Panda is asked, in many cases to get involved with different charities and events in our area. Sometimes, Panda go beyond what is required and do things on our own. For example: visiting children in the hospital on Christmas day, visiting schools, Santa visiting shopping malls or giving wheel chairs to the elderly.

PandaKids Centre in Shanghai

PandaKids Centre in Nanjing

Panda's Charity Work in the Community

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