Whilst some of the Western world seems to be heading towards a policy of living with COVID and its variants, China is still operating a zero tolerance policy with immediate clampdowns of sealed off areas, quarantine, mask wearing and travel code passes. This coupled with continuing border restrictions means that entry for foreigners is still extremely limited.

For many countries, the rule of thumb is foreigners are not permitted into China unless they have a valid and current working visa, whilst these visas may not be renewed outside of Chinese borders; applicants must be in mainland China. Shanghai is adhering to this strictly. However, in some further afield and smaller cities some PU letters may be accepted for native English speakers for teaching applications. This does not apply in SH, where PU letters may only be accepted for some Category A work permit (talent) positions.

In addition to the above, due to the double reduction policy, foreign investment in education is being phased out and private schools must now follow a new policy, that limits out of normal school hours and curricula. Furthermore non native English speakers are not permitted to be English teachers, according to the rules. SH is also strictly adhering to this.

We hope that restrictions may be relaxed a little in the not too distant future, so that we can welcome serious English teachers back into China.

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