North America, Heed My Warning

This is to North Americans, especially Canadians who don’t think the COVID-19 virus is a serious thing to worry about. Two days ago, in Ontario, you had 100 people infected, yesterday 190 infected and today you are now up to 214. You are at the beginning of the upward curve and if you wait, you’re going to be in trouble. So far, Canada has 727 cases. Take this Virus very seriously!

The moment you got your first case of COVID-19 in your town or city is the time you needed to shut down. Sitting around, waiting to see what is going to happen before you decided to make your next move is too late. Everyone who knows anything about the virus already knows what’s going to happen. I am a Canadian living in China. I have already seen with my own eyes what happens next. China let the horses out of the barn before getting the doors closed.

You will experience an upward swing very quickly if you don’t take this seriously and stay in your homes. There are two different strains of the virus COVID-19S and COVID-19L, both can be deadly to the elderly. There are now cases of young adults being infected of the virus. It’s not just an elderly people’s disease anymore. The average Canadian and American are not in the best of health already. Most are overweight, inactive, or have underlying health issues already. You will get sick and hopefully you won’t die from the virus.

Now, I want to directly speak to the people in my hometown, “the City of Kawartha Lakes” in Ontario. The city and surrounding areas are filled with elderly people, nursing homes, old age homes, and a lot of funeral homes. If you don’t act immediately, you are going to need to visit the only manufacturing business we have left in Lindsay, “Northern Caskets“.

I know you already have two cases of the virus in the Lindsay area, and you need to know that the virus is highly contagious and it can kill a person within a week or two. It attacks the lungs and the viruses’ main goal is to survive and travel from person to person. Neither, the Ross Memorial Hospital or Canada is equipped for a huge outbreak, especially in the rural areas and smaller villages. Even America is now thinking they aren’t equipped and they are going to run into problems very shortly, and they are much more prepared than Canada is. There isn’t enough protective clothing, face masks or equipment to handle an outbreak. It is bad enough that doctors, nurses and health care workers need the masks for their jobs but the masks aren’t generally used more than once.

Why did China and South Korea get the virus under control? We all wore face masks. Face masks are manufactured in China, in fact, the Chinese government handed out masks for free to anyone who needed them. The more expensive face masks, we have to buy on our own.

Canada, by our calculations, is only a couple of weeks behind the Americans’ outbreak. To help you understand, I am in Shanghai with a population of around 30 million people, which is approximately the same population as Canada. Picture it, every Canadian living in Canada is in one huge city. With strict guidelines, all businesses except a few grocery stores are closed. The schools, restaurants, bars, shopping malls are closed. We are required to wear masks if we go outside for groceries. We are required to stay home, frequently washing our hands and stay away from any crowded areas (not that there are any because we are in our homes).

Shanghai had 363 cases. I would say that Ontario will reach a number of cases higher than that by Sunday which is terrible, since Ontario’s population is nowhere near 30 million. This isn’t a joke, even though I have heard people online who think it is. By what I seen, from watching the different local governments, they think it’s a joke too. If you care at all about your family or the elderly, you will heed my warnings.

I just got news a few minutes ago. There are now 24 countries that are on the quarantine list, if any of their citizens come to China, those people will be quarantined for 14 days in a government holding area, which is a hotel near the airport. The countries are South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Czech, Greece, Qatar, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Finland, and Malaysia.


Since this post was written, the Chinese government has temporarily closed the borders to all foreign countries, stopping the spread of the virus back into China.

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