Things are finally going back to Normally in Shanghai

This might be optimistic; the corona virus has almost faded away like a bad dream. Things are starting to get back to normal again. As China has mostly been able to contain the virus from where it started, the world is starting to experience the beginning. If they don’t soon take this very seriously, they are going to have a huge problem on their hands. I’m not only talking about governments, the people as well. For example: I have been watching television, and hardly anyone is wearing a mask. I don’t know who told you a mask isn’t necessary but they were wrong. The people infected can spread the virus easily if they aren’t wearing a mask and the people who aren’t sick can protect themselves by wearing one. Yes, of course, wash your hands a lot and stay away from crowded areas. Check the temperatures of people as regularly as possible is a another good thing. Here in Shanghai, if you go anywhere, someone is checking your temperature. Now the restaurants are re-opening, it’s all take-out in most cases, including Starbucks. What is classified as a crowded area? Anywhere there are more than 5-10 people, within a close area of you, such as an elevator. Shanghai had around 344 cases of corona and the population in the city of Shanghai with around 24 to 30 million people.
Slowly over the last week, things around Shanghai have started to go back to normal. Everyone In Shanghai had to activate an APP that shows our health status which has been tracking us regarding hospital visit or medical treatment. Retail stores have started to open again and people are slowly going back to work. It won’t be long and the schools will be open again. The other day, a foreign teacher was mentioning that 3 education centres near his house were just opening, which is fairly good news since they were the first to close due to the virus. Schools have started to contact us to start setting up dates to open as early as the last week of March.
Teachers who weren’t in Shanghai are still require to go into volunteer quarantine for 14 days before returning to the classroom, just to be on the safe side. Teachers who are traveling in from other countries are also required to quarantine themselves for 14 days, especially since the virus is now all over the world.
My advice to everyone is to be extremely cautious even though governments are telling you that there is nothing to worry about, especially if you are 45 years old and older or not in the greatest of health or you have precondition health issues. Try staying indoors as much as possible, stay away from bars and clubs, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching objects outside, avoid handling cash that has been handled by thousands of people, wear a mask, keep everything very clean in your environment. If you have children, they can generally carry the virus and spread it to you, be sure that they are wearing masks, stop them from touching anything when they’re outside in public areas and keep their hands away for their face area, be sure they wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitary products. If China can beat it, countries with less population can too.

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