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We have been educating students from the ages of 2 to 18 years old throughout Shanghai since 2008. We presently have approximately 40-50 teachers working legally and well paid. Our goal is to grow to 100 teachers over the next few years….If you are interested in earning a very good salary and teaching students of all ages…

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Founded in 2008 by Barry Bird (CEO), a former teacher of a Large Education Group in Shanghai, the mission of Panda English Education is simple. Our teachers teach English to whichever school or organization requires our teachers and services. Our teachers are all qualified and feel safe in knowing that they are managed by a foreign manager whose main function is to understand their frustrations and to ensure their well-being and happiness.

The company started with a staff of two teachers, and an administrator communicating with the schools and education centres. These teachers were mainly hired on a part-time basis for schools all over Shanghai, who wanted native speakers to improve the students’ grammar and pronunciation, either in morning or afternoon classes once or twice a week.

The more that schools needed Panda’s services, the more the teachers’ schedules filled up so that soon each teacher was employed on a full-time basis, visiting several locations, often more than once in a week.

As demand increased for English teaching, more teachers were signed up by Panda. Eventually, teachers started to work in particular schools or kindergartens on a full-time basis. The number of foreign teachers at Panda continuously increases. Today there are around fifty foreign teachers at about thirty locations throughout Shanghai, the vast majority of which are full-time placements. Panda is still taking on new schools and continuously growing, encouraging more schools and teachers to co-operate with Panda and our staff to work in China legally.


2008年,Panda由上海思汇集团前教师(Barry Bird,CEO)创立,Panda英语教育的使命很简单。我们的老师可以派遣到任何需要我们提供服务的学校或组织。我们的老师都是专业的,因为他们是由外教主管管理的,外教主管的主要职能是了解以及沟通,确保外教在工作中是幸福,快乐,以及安全的。




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Why Join Us?

Panda has a unique approach to the business of teaching English in China. This is most likely the reason Panda has been in business since 2008.

Our management style is shaped like an upside down pyramid, where the boss is at the bottom and the employees are on the top. We have an understanding that our employees, including the house-keeping staff, are far more critical to the company than the management. Without them, there wouldn’t be a business to manage, and nothing would get done. A company needs a team, not just a boss, since everyone is trying to accomplish the same goals.

Everyone wants a good working environment, and working together allows us to achieve a happy workplace through communication and dialogue between management and staff.





~Barry Bird~

Panda's Management and Development Team