Employment Procedures

Panda follows a particular procedure when recruiting teachers for several reasons. If we keep to a procedure, we are able to gather the information we require, properly file the teacher’s information into our data base, able to reply to applicants in a timely manner without losing them in the process. We have the applicants email us their documentation because it speeds up the process and we have the ability to save the teacher’s documentation safely. Teachers who try to send their documents through Wechat can either be lost in a huge contact list, or the documents and videos can expire while waiting to be downloaded into a computer for safe keeping. Most people don’t realize that Wechat has an expiry time for videos and documents uploaded to their system, which can cause problems later. Also, because we use Wechat a lot, we clear our chat history so that it doesn’t slow down our phone’s operation speed.

  1. The teacher sends our HR department all the necessary documents required (refer to our Required Documentation section of the website)
  2. The foreign director collects the information through email. If the applicant is a non-native English speaker, the foreign director will send the documentation to the visa department of the company for approval regarding the ability to obtain a visa for the applicant. If the applicant is a native speaker, approval is determined by the foreign director.
  3. The foreign director will contact the applicant if the applicant qualifies for the category B permit and visa to work in one of our schools. Keeping in mind that, if the foreign director isn’t given the documentation required, he might not respond to the applicant at all.
  4. The foreign director will make an appointment for an interview with the applicant. If the applicant is living in Shanghai, he will do a face-to-face interview but, if the applicant is not in Shanghai or in the country, he will arrange a time to interview via Skype orWechat. Online interviews will not be done for applicants living in Shanghai.
  5. After the interview, and both the foreign director and the applicant agree to employment, contracts will be signed. If the applicant was previously employed, the HR Department, will require the applicant’s release documents from their last employer.
  6. If required, a medical will be set up for the applicant if the applicant is new to China, or never had a medical done in the past for a working visa.
  7. All the copies of all documentation will be collected including a copy of the applicant’s temporary residence permit (from their local police station).
  8. The HR Department will fill out the necessary government documents to apply for and obtain the applicant’s work permit. Once the documents are ready for Foreign Expert (SAFEA) office inspection, HR will require the original documents from the applicant for submission.
  9. Once SAFEA has approved the applicant for the work permit, and our office receives the Category B permit, the foreigner will meet our visa manager at the Public Security Bureau office (entrance/exit department), also known as the PSB, to obtain the visa.
  10. At this time, the visa application will be filled out and the foreigner will be required to bring their passport and Temporary Residence Permit to the PSB office to be handed over to the government.
  11. After about 7 working days, the passport will be ready for pick up. Either our office or the foreigner can pick up the passport with the new visa in it. This is the decision of the foreigner.