What are some of the Online Education Issues in China?

Due to the Corona Virus in China, the government is now suggesting schools to set up online education so that the teachers can work from home and that the students won’t get too far back in their studies. Unfortunately, most of the online education is for the Chinese teachers and not the foreigners who also teach in China.

This all said; this idea has become a huge challenge for schools, teachers, owners of the schools and mostly the internet. I have done some research regarding the number of schools in China and for elementary schools alone; there are more than 100,000 schools. This doesn’t include middle schools, high schools, and universities, private or international schools which mean there are far more than 500,000 schools in China.

Speaking with some schools who have managed to hook up online, they are having huge problems because of the amount of users. Let me explain, teachers are either speaking to their students one-to-one or recording their lessons from their homes or the schools are trying to stream the lessons in real-time to the students directly. The government hasn’t instructed the kindergartens or nursery schools to participate in this because the students lessons aren’t as important as the upper grade levels but with the above mentioned schools who are supposed to participate, they are talking about literally millions of students country wide and the internet is beginning to cause a lot of problems because of the load.

Even though China has one of the largest internet systems in the world, with all the newest technology, they would require a much larger system known to our world to teach all the children in China online. With that all said, in addition, education centres across China have already started to stream their lessons online because their privately own centres were closed down completely and lack the cash to keep their business doors open for the students.

This whole idea was to have the students continue studying and basically put teachers back to work, even if it meant that the earning were less than normal but, without the internet, this idea might come to a sudden stop and not for only the education industry but for everyone who uses the internet in China.

I think they are going to have to come up with a better idea. At the moment, the school year could be saved, depending on the length of time this virus continues. If we are able to control it within the next month, schools could re-open and the students could return to class. They may have to extend the second semester into the summer vacation period for a short time but it would most likely solve the internet issues schools are experiencing.

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