SH schools closed again

Since 12 March all education establishments in Shanghai have been ordered to close by the Education Bureau. Primary schools and above are organising online classes, but for kindergartens this is not compulsory. This is a result of mass testing taking place throughout the city and lockdowns being enforced in residential, retail and office compounds. Two years ago, schools were closed for at least four months, so we hope this situation is resolved more quickly this time. Any official updates will…


No relaxation of Shanghai restrictions

Whilst some of the Western world seems to be heading towards a policy of living with COVID and its variants, China is still operating a zero tolerance policy with immediate clampdowns of sealed off areas, quarantine, mask wearing and travel code passes. This coupled with continuing border restrictions means that entry for foreigners is still extremely limited. For many countries, the rule of thumb is foreigners are not permitted into China unless they have a valid and current working visa,…


Restrictions update

Whilst the borders are still generally closed for foreigners wishing to come into China, the Pfizer vaccine has been added to the list as acceptable to gain entry. However, only holders of current residential visas will be accepted after vaccination. Working visas may not be applied for foreigners if they are not already within mainland China. Shanghai has maintained this rule for a while, but other cities are now also enforcing this. Teachers who were either caught outside China when…


Countries Using Chinese Manufactured Vaccine

Border restrictions are now being reviewed for many countries whose citizens have residential visas (work, family), provided that the visa holder has been inoculated with a Chinese manufactured COVID vaccine. Documentation must be provided for proof of this before either being granted a new visa, or access through Chinese passport control. A vaccine that is not manufactured in China is not currently acceptable. Furthermore, quarantine restrictions still apply to any new arrivals despite the inoculation. For more details of which…


Border Restrictions Update

Still Closed for New Comers For those potential applicants who are outside of China, the borders remain closed. In the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year (CNY), the numbers of COVID infections started to rise again (in very small numbers compared with Western standards) and the authorities quickly acted by stopping the slight relaxations announced towards the end of last year. As things stand, temperature checks are still the norm for entry into malls, train stations, airports etc., usually…


A day in the life of an EFL teacher in a Chinese kindergarten

Many thanks to Vincent Sdrigotti for allowing Panda to use this article on our site. Vince is a teacher at one of our schools and also part of our teaching development team. I’m writing this particular article for anyone who is considering coming to China to work as an EFL teacher in a kindergarten and would like to know what it actually entails. The first thing you need to know is that there are currently two types of EFL teaching…


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